At Flowt Bikes, you’ll find that giving your bike expert care and serving you is our top priority. Our experienced mechanics can quickly service your bikes with the skills that come with several years of experience. We’re proud to serve our community and fellow cyclists, offering the best in bicycle repairs and maintenance.

And the best part? You don’t have to have an appointment to get your bike checked out. Walk-ins are welcome. So, if your bike is in need of routine maintenance or repairs, feel free to come on down and we’ll be glad to help!

Service Menu

Basic Assessment: This service includes checking the gears and brakes for safety and top performance

Basic tune-up: This package will give your bike a good once over, allowing you to enjoy firm brakes and perfect shifting, with the type of smooth operation that only comes with a tune-up. We’ll adjust the gears and brakes and tighten any loose parts, for enhanced performance. We’ll also inspect your bike for any safety issues, shine the frame and lube the drivetrain. Additionally, if you purchased your bike from us, then this service is free for life.

Comprehensive tune-up: A bike that’s used often needs this package. We’ll work hard to get your bike road ready by adjusting the gears, brakes, and bearings. Then, we’ll tighten all of the parts for ultimate safety and top performance. We will also inspect the bike for any safety issues and inflate the tires. Next, we’ll shine the frame and lube the drivetrain and chain, tighten all of the parts, and inspect the bike for any safety issues. Finally, we’ll resurface the brake pads, inflate the tires, and shine up the frame.

Restoration: There are some instances in which a bike will need a total overhaul. If you have a well-worn bike that you love and wouldn’t dream of replacing, then we can help to restore it back to its former glory.

Racing bike maintenance: If you regularly enter local races, come see use a few days before the big day. Let us give your bike a once over, make the proper adjustments and ensure that it’s ready to go for the big day. We’ll also do some basic tune-up tasks such as adjusting the brakes and bearings and gears. Then we’ll give the frame a nice shine up.

Other Services We Offer

•    Tube installation

•    Tire installation

•    Cable installation

•    Brake pad installation

•    Bike sizing

•    Rad cleat alignment

•    Service fork