Signs Your Bike Needs a Tune-Up or Repairs

Just like a car, a bike is an oiled machine that will benefit from regular servicing and routine repairs. This will ensure you get the best performance out of your bike, and you’ll be able to remain safe when you’re on the road. Our team at Flowt can give your bike a once over to determine whether or not your bike is in need of a tune-up, or if certain components need to be replaced or repaired.

Unfortunately, many new bike owners don’t even think of bringing their bike in for routine maintenance, even if there’s a noticeable dip in performance. Some bike owners simply aren’t familiar with the common signs that indicate the gears, bearings, and brakes need to be adjusted.

Below are some of the most common indicators that can tip you off regarding whether or not you should bring your bike in and have it serviced by a pro.

Loose Chain

If your bike chain is constantly slipping, this could be merely a matter of draping the chain back on. However, it can also indicate that the chain is too long for the bike’s frame, or it may need to be cleaned and lubricated.

Loose Hardware

It can be a major problem when you notice that hardware on your bike feels loose. Some components may even fall off and the bike owner doesn’t even notice. If you’re missing crucial hardware, come see us and we’ll work on replacing any missing pieces. We’ll also check if any bolts or other hardware loosens because they’re stripped or damaged.

Issues with the Seat Post

If your seat post is constantly sticking, then you may be forced to ride with a seat that’s too low or high. This can be a major safety issue since it can negatively impact your ability to pedal.

Squealing Brakes

If the brake pads are protesting each time you squeeze the brakes, then this is a good indication that the pads are sitting right on the rim. Come see us and we’ll adjust them and reposition them in just a few minutes.

Screeching and Clicking Noises

These noises can indicate your bike is in need of lubrication or a tightening of the spokes on the wheels. Determining and fixing the root cause of the sounds will guarantee you enjoy a quieter, smoother ride.

Issues with the Gears

Gears are designed to make riding your bike easier, not harder, but if shifting becomes an issue then you may have a problem with the cables or your gears may be in serious need of an adjustment.

Come See Us Today!

If your bike is experiencing any of these issues, don’t put off seeing us. Some of these problems can be very dangerous on the road, especially if you’re having trouble steering or braking when you’re riding. At Flowt Bikes, our experienced team can easily assess your bike and recommend services that will have it running like new in no time.

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